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Hi, I'm Grace Neo

There are many advertisments telling people 

to upgrade without touching their savings 

or even own TWO properties. I’m sure you have seen it !

But have they done it for themselves?

Me and my wife are like most of the singaporean, we started with a HDB. And at that point of time, i only want to quickly clear off all my loans to be debt free. But i realise one thing, by doing this, i will only be trading off all my time and need to work very hard for money. 

My success in property investment can easily be yours

I’m glad to have many opportunities in my real estate career to learn from all my investors and mentors on how can I effectively build my property portfolio with a safe and systematic way. Today, i’m not only own One, but Two private properties.

Many of my clients have also done it without stress on their finances under my guidance as well.

Is always better and safer to learn from someone who had done it themselves, 

isn’t it?

And Now I'm So Excited to Share This Winning Formula with You

Mr and Mrs Lim met me through my Facebook advertisement, as they has always been wanting to upgrade to a condo and even own 2 condos to start creating extra income for themselves to prepare for their retirement. They had met different assets planner, but no one was able to give them a solution as they feel that the risk is too high for them to take this action.